Hall «Family of noblemen Mihalkovy & farmland Petrovskoe»

On the territory of modern Rybinsk there is one of the most interesting farmlands called Petrovskoe. During 2 hundred years it was a family land of noblemen Michalkovy. In this hall there are things from Petrovskoe. It tells us about living, business & hobbies of rich noblemen in 18-19 centuries. Mihalkovy collected art, they knew & appreciated it. These are paintings from farmhouse walls, & here in the cupboard is their collection: Bogem’s glasses, vases of 17th century & so on. These furniture of mahogany stood in the living room, this chandelier too. And with this icon in 17 century the oldest member of a family blessed his heir. On this paintings & fotos are members of Mihalkovy family. Many of them were famous. For example, Vladimir Sergeevich was the biggest collectioner. He had a library of rare science books, about 50 thousand issues, also a science collection of minerals, paleonthological antiquities, engravings. In a drawer of a study there was apart of his mineral collection. By his will the collection was given into Imperator’s Academy of Science. And the things from his farm house made the main part of collection of our museum.


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