The big hall

At first the big hall of bread exchange was operating room – merchants dealt with money there. But as exchange the building was not used long. In 1914 it became a hospital for people wounded in the First World War. For a long time here was a town hospital, the hall was devided into 3 stores. After the reconstraction in 1993 here is painting gallery of our museum. Double portrets of Tishinin couple are a visit card of Rybinsk museum. The fate of painted people is very interesting. Nikolai Ivanovich Tishinin participated in palace revolutions. Here are double portrets of marriage: Nikolai Ivanovich & his 16-years-old wife Kseniya. The portrets were made exact marriage dressing. All acsessoirs tell about importance of the event: a rose on a chest, red ribbon in hair, waist, fan. Pity, but his wife died when she was only 21 years old. She willed to build a church for her memory. Since that time Hikolai Ivanovich devoted all his life to bring up his daughter and build a church & farm house Tihvino-Nikolskoe. When he knew about journey of Ekaterina the Great by the Volga, he made great effort for her to visit his land. After visit to Rybinsk Ekaterina had a dinner in his house & she gave him a golden tobacco box on his name-day. Next portraits are from farmland of noblemen Lihachovy. Three of them were painted at the end of 18th century by Ermolai Dementyevich Kamezhenkov. This artist was serf icon painter. But due to his talent his became free, became nobleman, & later became a member of Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts. On this portraits are noblemen Lihachovy. The whole pert of exposition is devoted to famous in Russian history family Musin-Pushkin. Here are two portraits of the most famous man of this family – Alexey Ivanovich M.-P. He was a scientist in history, archeolography, he collected Russian antiquities. And also he was a close companion of queen Ekaterina the Second. In our collection there are two his portraits: a full-dress one & in common situation. The portrait of his wife Ekaterina Alekseevna is painted by famous Russian painter of 18th century Fyodor Rocotov. She was a strongwilled woman & very clever, she managed the land after her husband’s death. Near are the portraits of their children: eldest son Ivan, middle Alexander & youngest Vladimir. Ivan & Alexander participated the war against Napoleon. Ivan became a general & married the courteous beauty Maria Urusova. Alexander died during the foreign campaign of Russian army. This portrait was ordered after his death by his parents as a memory. Vladimir took part in the rebellion of decabrists – noblemen who in the beginning of 19 century tried to establish Constitutional Monarchy in Russia. After the failure of rebellion he spent two years in tower.


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