Mologa museum

The Mologa museum was opened on August 1995. The main exposition is dedicated to nature, culture and history heritage of the Mologa-Sheksna land that was flooded during the building of Rybinsk Sea in the thirties of XX century.

History of this land is rich and multifarious. This place was first mentioned in chronicles in 1149. On March 4, 1238 here was a great battle against Mongols on the banks of the river Sit.

In XIV century there was created the Mologa principality; in XV century it`s capital was famous for its biggest fair. The main spiritual and cultural centers of the Mologa region were Afanasievsky cloister, churches, rich noble country estates, including estate of a well-known statesman and collector of Russian antiquities A. I. Musin-Pushkin and other famous nobleman families: Volkonskye, Golitciny, Kurakiny. The main exposition also includes displays about the destruction of this wonderful land.

Working hours: 9:00-17:00. Day-off : Sunday, Monday.

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