Rybinsk (Ры́бинск) is a city in Yaroslavl Region, Russia, at the confluence of the Volga and Sheksna rivers. It has been known from the year 1071. The 12th-century village of Rybnaya sloboda became the town of Rybinsk in 1777. It has been a trade and shipping center for traffic between Moscow and Arkhangelsk since the 16th century. The Mariinsk Waterway, built in 1810, linked Rybinsk with the Baltic for the first time. In the 1870s it was developed as a shipping point to St. Petersburg. The construction of the Volga-Baltic canal system increased its importance as a river port. The Rybinsk reservoir is the southernmost component of the Volga-Baltic Waterway. This artificial lake, with 5.200 sq km, was constructed in 1941 between the upper Volga River and its feeders, the Mologa and Sheksna rivers, with the completion of the dam and hydroelectric station at Rybinsk.


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